Do Body Wraps Work for Weight Loss?

Published on by Deborah Kendrick

body wraps

Getting a body wrap at the spa can feel great. They are meant to relax and rejuvenate you, and they usually include blissful aromas and productive herbs such as mint, eucalyptus, rosemary and honey. You can have clay masks and wraps that improve your skin too.

Today’s body wraps have moved out of the spa and into the weight loss business. Several body wrap plans and products are promoted as easy weight loss solutions. They promise you’ll shed pounds and inches just by getting your body wrapped in special cloths, herbs and supplements. Whether or not they help you lose weight remains to be seen.

It Works! Body Wraps is one of the major body wrap companies out there today. They claim that the creams, herbs and other botanicals that are used in their wraps go directly to your fat cells and can tone, tighten and firm all of your problem areas. This company believes that toxins in your fat cells cause those cells to swell, making you larger. With a little bit of It Works! Body Wraps product spread all over your thighs, stomach, waist, hips or breasts, you can wrap yourself up and then unwrap a tighter, leaner body.

The independent distributors working for It Works! and other similar body wrap companies swear by the results. It’s more than a sales pitch for most of them; they really do believe they can help you lose weight and become slimmer. If you’ve ever tried a body wrap yourself, you might notice a difference in the way your body looks and feels. After you wrap, your legs might look slimmer and your hips might even measure an inch or two smaller.

However, these are temporary results, according to the former president of the American College of Physicians. Sandra Fryhofer, MD, told WebMD that your body will look tighter when you wrap, but it will only last for a day or two. Body wraps won’t actually take away any fat or cellulite. However, if it’s a quick fix you’re looking for; an extra blast of self confidence before a day at the beach or a smoother fit in a tight dress for a special evening, a body wrap can give you what you need.

If you’re anything like me, you’re skeptical of easy weight loss promises anyway. If a pill isn’t going to do it, a special shake won’t work and a magic formula of lots of bacon but no apples proves to fail, the idea that wrapping your body with expensive creams and botanicals to lose weight is highly improbable. I really wish it was this easy. However, the path to weight loss and better health is not paved with body wraps or fad diets. You know what you have to do. Stop avoiding it.

Know this – those body wraps are fun. The women who distribute and promote different body wrap products are gorgeous and energetic and they love talking about health and beauty and weight loss. You no longer need to go to the spa to enjoy feeling pampered and relaxed. You can wrap anytime. So go ahead and have a wrap party. Just remember that eating right, exercising regularly and take supplements like PhenQ Amazon is the only permanent way to lose weight.

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